August 2, 2016

PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Course Leeds

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Successfully passing our PRINCE2 Practitioner course will demonstrate that you have been trained and certified to the highest level and attained the necessary knowledge required to lead a PRINCE2 project. Once certified, a PRINCE2 Practitioner can direct and lead a PRINCE2 project in any environment.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course applies the theory taught at the foundation level and teaches you how to apply it practically. It covers the following:

  • Overview of PRINCE2 and the seven Principles at its core.
  • The 4 integrated elements. PRINCE2 tailoring and embedding.
  • The Customer and Supplier relationships.
  • The Themes (Business Case, Change and Progress, Quality, Organization, Risk, Plans).
  • How PRINCE2 themes support the core principles.
  • The purpose and definitions of the Themes.
  • Application of the Themes to given project scenarios.
  • Project Products and Management Products.
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities.
  • The purpose, objectives and context of the PRINCE2 processes.
  • Use of Management Products in the Processes and their content.
  • Managing Tolerances and Exceptions in the project environment.
  • Tailoring to the specific scenario.